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About us

Nesam is our journey to make a difference in cooking oil. Sustain them, grow them, co-opt them into the re-awakening of the age old and proven practices of our ancestors. This is our culture which goes beyond commerce. We are there with our next generation every step of the way.

With a diverse and unique range of products and technical capabilities, As we are in Vellore ,close to many of the seed crops, we are able to provide you with a consistent, quality supply of marachekku oil products n services .we do not employ chemical or solvent extraction processes, ensuring the aroma, flavor and nutritional characteristics.

Everything started long ago...

We value the tradition of Marachekku Oil

Marachekku is the traditional method of extracting oil from seeds. The raw material (Sesame, Peanut, Coconut) is typically ground into a paste, and this is pressed with a heavy stone mill, turned by bullocks, until it expels the oil. In modern times the mill is operated by motor. This first pressed oil is sold unrefined and without any additives.

The seeds are handpicked & dried in the sun & crushed in wood chekku made of vagai tree& this oil is kept in sunlight for 2 days for the sediments to get settle.

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